What is Blended Learning?

According to IBM resource [1], “To combine or mix modes of web-based technology (e.g., live virtual classroom, self-paced instruction, collaborative learning, streaming video, audio, and text) to accomplish an educational goal”. The next question than rises, “Why Blend?” The answer would be that by blending the educator manifests the best of face to face interaction and online instruction. While the classroom time can be used to engage the students in more detailed and advanced interactive experiences. Meanwhile the  online portion of the course can provide students with multimedia-rich content at any time of day, anywhere the student has internet access.


Blended learning is on the rise in higher education. 93% of higher ed instructors and admin say they are using blended learning strategies somewhere in their institution. 7 in 10 expect more than 40% of their schools’ courses to be blended by 2013 (Bonk, C. J. & Graham, C. R. (Eds.)

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