Resources for Integrating Information Design in 21st Century Classroom

It’s been quite a while since I had written. It’s not like as if I did not have the idea’s, but it’s the time that couldn’t be managed. The constant flow of thoughts, idea’s keep flowing in a writer’s mind it’s only the moulding of them that takes time. Anyway, I will save all from this rhetoric. Today, being a week off for me from work, I decided to write and its then, I stumbled upon an interesting compendium of resources on the blog theinsideportal and decided to scoop it. I shall be amending this list time and again so as to assimilate resources that I find useful. I hope you will find it equally useful as I did.

Enjoy reading and thinking.American Society for Innovative Design in Education

Scoop it!

Design in Education

Student Links

7th Grade Colonial Travel
5th Grade Kid Entrepreneurs 
4th Grade American History Infographics
Question It 
Media Savvy
Media Literacy Videos
Money Matters
Free Infographic PowerPoint Template – Modify to use in classroom to make your own infographics
8th Grade American History Infographics

Books, Articles, and News Reports

Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier – PBS
Getting the Picture: Communicating Data Visually – Anneburg Foundation
How To Make Data Look Sexy – CNN
Illustrating Your Life in Graphs and Charts – NYTimes
Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis
Johnson, Paul. Literacy Through the Book Arts. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1993.
Making Data Beautiful – The Art of Data Visualization – WSJ
Teaching With Infographics | Social Studies, History, Economics – NYTimes
Too Much Information about ‘Information’? – NYTimes
Tufte, Edward R. Envisioning Information. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press, 1990.
Tufte, Edward R. Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press, 1997.
Tufte, Edward R. Beautiful Evidence. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press LLC, 2006.
Visual Literacy: Infographics as Teaching Tools – BizZine McGraw-Hill
When There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Information – NYTimes
The History of 20th Century Information Design 
A Brief History Of Children’s Picture Books And The Art Of Visual Storytelling 

Visual Thinking
Bad Graphs (Flickr group)
Knowledge Domain Map
Model of Learning Objectives 
Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization 
Visual Thinking
W. Bradford Paley
Why “Infographic Thinking” Is The Future, Not A Fad 

Visualization Resources
Amazing Data
Balancing the Visual and Verbal Minds 
Brandless Blog 
Your Better Life Index 
Data Visualization and Infographics – Smashing Magazine 
Dogfoose Infotoons – Michael Kline
Flowing Data 
Teaching with Infographics: Language Arts, Fine Arts, Entertainment – NYTimes
Teaching with Infographics: Social Studies, History, Economics – NYTimes
Teaching with Infographics: Science and Health – NYTimes
30 Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis 
Infosthetics: The Beauty of Data Visualization
Inkscape – open source vector graphics editor 
Journalism In The Age Of Data
Junk Charts 
Organizing Thinking Through Visual Diagrams
Oxford Internet Institute-Visualizing Data 
ReadWriteWeb – The Best Tools for Visualization 
Stat Silk – Interactive Maps and Visualizations 
Understanding Euler and Venn Diagrams 
Visual Complexity
Visual Journalism
Visual Quest Data Visualizations, Charts & Graphs 
Visualisation Magazine – Tools / Applications 
Visualizing Data
Occupy Design 
Ten Tips for Data Visualization 
The Value of Data Visualization
Thinking Visually at UNL 
Visual Thinking Tools from Dan Roam 
Visualizing Cultures – from MIT

Tools for Designing in the Classroom
ABCya! Word Clouds For Kids 
Pixir – photo editor
The Noun Project 
Dipity – interactive timelines
Presentations ETC – Florida Center for Instructional Technology
TouchGraph Navigator
Smore – infographics and flyers
Some Awesome Free Tools for Creating Infographics
Visualize Everything – 32 Free Tools

Logo Creators

LogoType Maker

Visual Language

Debategraph-the global debate map
InstaGrok – visual search engine
Snappy Words
They Rule

Graphic Tools

Kids Zone: Create a Graph – National Center for Education Statistics
Chart Chooser – Juice Analytics
Many Eyes – IBM 
Draw Anywhere 
Hohli – Online Charts Builder 
Crappy Graphs!
Diagrams & Charts 
45 Tools To Create Charts, Diagrams, & Flowcharts
Rich Chart Live
Pretty Graph
Lucid Chart
Lovely Charts
My Galaxies 
yEd Graph Editor

New Media

Twitterize Yourself 
InfographicTemplate  “I Love Charts,” from Sid The Science Kid (PBS Kids)

Designing Infographics – Best Practices
Books on Infographics 
How To Design Your Own Infographics 
InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices
The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful VisualTen Tips For Designing Infographics

Interactive Visualizations

Evolution of the Web 
Evolution of the Web Visualized 
Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom (Interactive Heat Map)
Model of Learning Objectives 
Mortality Data-Maternal and Neonatal 
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Stairs to Visual Excellence
Webpages As Graph
Snappy Words
Visual Thesaurus
Where Americans Are Moving
Immigration Explorer
If It Were My Home
Peoplemovin – Visualization of Migration Flows 
What’s In a Surname?
How Different Groups Spend Their Day
Global Migration , Home Appliance Energy Use – GE  , Mapping America – The CensusNewsmap10×10

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