Clustering with Weka 3.6 part-1

1. Download and install Weka 3.6 from here
2. Follow this blog to convert your data file to ARFF format
3. Click on ‘open file’ and select the .arff file that you created in step 2. This will open the dataset in the Weka Preprocess window. Please look at the screenshot below.

Weka_screenshot14. Click on “Cluster” tab on top side of the window.

5. Under Clusterer, click on button “Choose”, from the drop down list click on “Simple K-means”

6. Click on the button “Start”. You data will be clustered using k-means algorithm.

Simple K-means

7. Finally to see the clusters created by the algorithm you chose, click on “Visualize” tab. To increase the size of the dots on graph play with the point size slider on the bottom and click on update each time so as to see the changes committed.

cluster visualization

Hope you enjoyed this post. I will soon publish another one on using the PSLC datashop. Till then, cheers.