Error: Python version 2.7 required, which was not found in the registry- Solved

Python errorToday while installing, scipy for Python ver 2.7 I came across this error message on my Windows 7 OS 64 bit system.
Please note, I already have Python 2.7 installed.
The solution is;

1. Open notepad and copy paste the following code in it.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Python\PythonCore\2.7\Help\Main Python Documentation]
@="Python 2.7"

2. Save the file on desktop as key.reg

3. Click Start menu on desktop then click on Start search and type regedit and press enter key.

4. Registry editor window opens. Click on File menu and then click on Import. Navigate to desktop and then import the file named key.reg. You will see a message that will say something like the key was sucessfully imported.

5. try installing scipy again. It will work