How to compile and execute weka source code on your computer- Part 1

Many a times there is a requirement to test the algorithms as implemented in any particular application software. In this post, I will show how you can use the machine learning algorithms of Weka in your own code


Data Pre-processing with Weka (Part-1)

Please download and install Weka 3.7.11 from this URL Some sample datasets for you to play with are present here or in Arff format Weka dataset needs to be in a specific format like arff or csv etc. How to convert to .arff format has been explained in my previous post on clustering with Weka. Step 1:…

Clustering with Weka 3.6 part-1

1. Download and install Weka 3.6 from here 2. Follow this blog to convert your data file to ARFF format 3. Click on ‘open file’ and select the .arff file that you created in step 2. This will open the dataset in the Weka Preprocess window. Please look at the screenshot below. 4. Click on “Cluster” tab…