dataset for data mining

Datasets (free) for practising data mining

So if you are looking for dataset for practising your data mining, look here. It serves me as a one stop place where I can find the relevant dataset to work with.

A Python approach to elegant data mining

The following code was developed as part of my Master’s dissertation on data mining. I would reiterate the fact that when it comes to parsing, extraction, finding patterns in my opinion Python takes the crown. This program uses python 2.7 because python 3 i found it to be incompatible with some of the libraries of…

Free Data Mining Course with Weka and MOOC

The department of Computer Science at University of Waikato, New Zealand is offering a free data mining course with Weka that can be accessed at url The course begins from September 9th 2013. Incidentally Weka is a free software designed by the same University too and is widely used in the data mining field by data…